“Church In A Box”

Church In A Box is literally a box filled with resources to help anyone start a church from scratch whether out of an independent facility or out of a home, begin a ministry from the foundation up, or work on the revitalization of an existing church in need of change.

The material is actually called “Network Church Now Resources” but we affectionately refer to it simply as a Church In A Box.

The material in this box is the culmination of years of successes and failures for CrossPoint church in transforming from a declining neighborhood church to a thriving multi site church.

The cost of the box is nominal, in fact we only pass along the cost of the materials themselves. However, for many interested in actually beginning a work we can even waive that cost to begin a partnership with you.

The box includes several items, some of which include:

  • An Apple TV with direct connections to CrossPoint content:
    • weekend messages/services
    • Grow Group video material
    • children’s church videos
  • Reading It Right Bible Study material
  • Blotch children’s evangelism tool
  • The Planter, Starter, Revitalizer manual which includes everything from inspiration to direction. How to start of service, doing background checks, when to consider incorporating, and many others answers to some of the tough questions. You can access a digital version here: Manual

Here’s a look at the table of content for the manual:

Introduction to the Network Church Now Manual 2

Section 1: Informational

  • Intro to Network Church Now 4
  • Network Church Code 5
  • Realities of Church Planting 6
  • Hospitality Matters 7
  • Odd’s and Ends 8
  • Organizing you Network Church 9
  • Life Stages of a Church Plant 10

Section 2: Reach Your Community

  • Discipleship Defined 12
  • NCN Sample Discipleship Process 13
  • Community Needs Assessment 14

Section 3: Samples

  • Sample Membership Covenant 26
  • Sample Constitution and By-laws 28
  • Sample Budget Sheet 30
  • Managing Network Church Finances 31
  • Sample Benevolence Policy 32
  • Sample Benevolence Application 34
  • Receiving the Offerings 36
  • Sample Personal Information Policy 38
  • Sample Personal Reimbursement Policy 39
  • Sample Children’s Policy Manual 41
  • Sample Child Injury Report 53
  • Sample Child Injury Church Notification Report 54
  • How to Run a Background Check 55
  • Sample Volunteer Application 59

Section 4: Tools

  • Spiritual Gifts Assessment 63
  • Network Church License Agreement 72